Real-time multiplayer race with your friends or random players from across the
   Welcome to the Fluffy Rush world! Don't be fooled by their cuteness, they pack
   quite a punch. Win a race by any means necessary and leave others behind in a
   hailstorm of exploding weapons. 
   Do you have what it takes?
   Join thousands of players, racing their way to the top! 

   * Real-time online multiplayer race with up to 4 players,
   * Add friends and challenge them to race, or play a quick race against random
     players - worldwide,
   * Fully customizable characters,
   * Upgradeable weapons and power-ups,
   * World leaderboards,
   * Complex missions and achievements,
   * Colorful graphics,
   * Simple and intuitive controls,
   * Designed for smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS)


For generations, Charlie's ancestors have grown mighty moustaches that
   no other men could ever grow. It was something all men longed for,
   but the secret of growing it was too hidden to be unraveled by anyone.
   To continue the tradition, Charlie Hop needs to achieve the impossible.
   It's time for you and Charlie to enter a different reality where laws of
   gravity are put aside and the power of turning the world upside down
   is in your hands. Help Charlie Hop find all the missing pieces of the
   puzzle, grow a mighty moustache and ultimately save his family name
   in this amazing physics-based puzzle platform game.




Madarina Indie game development studio

Madarina d.o.o. , Trg osvoboditve 3, 2230 Lenart